Fermented Nutrition Functional Cosmetics
The new concept of cosmetic history starts with Ecology Technology.

Cosmetics have a deep relationship in our daily lives and being used by many people. It has been known as the exclusive use for women, but it is now being used for men generally.

When did human beings start using make-up?

The history of cosmetics dates back to the Ancient Egypt. The early cosmetic was made of oil mixed with soil and plant or animals, and it had been used for skin protection like strong sunlight, insects, and religious purpose. After that, it had been spread to Ancient Rome and Greece to be used for beauty starting from whitening the skin to coloring. After activation of showing oneself, the basic dye was mixed and mercury was used as lipstick for fresh lips. However, some of them were harmful that caused people die and affected embryos.

The purpose of make-up

There are two elements of the purpose of make-up.
First, it is a factor as a total fashion to show beauty for self-introduction. And secondly, it is for medical purpose to protect skin.
Recently, the cosmetics have progressed as the first element of a total fashion, and become the technical stage of using synthetic dye, activator, and high synthetic molecule. With the added value and creativity by some designers and creators, there appeared various kinds of cosmetics as the information spread by internet. Even the advertising of the second factor as medical aspect has been focused, many products are not safe because they contain preservative, antioxidant, or chemicals.
There is also a problem of destruction of environment.

Our company has succeeded in making functional cosmetics by the natural process of extraction and purification based on the technology of nutrition and fermentation of microorganism.
There exist many kinds of cosmetics by fermentation technology, however, our company have succeeded in developing stabilizing anti oxidation by using the technology of catalysis of microorganism in the natural plant and animals. This technology is an artificial process of that of natural microorganism. Based on the cultured liquid, the San San Life basic ingredients, the functional cosmetics and functional food have been produced. These cosmetics are easily soaked into the skin, and make our skin have strong immune systems and healthy condition.

These are the world’s first cosmetics that contain no antioxidant and chemicals, produced by the technology of nutrition and fermentation of microorganism from the stage of material. These are also the functional cosmetics which are not harmful to environment.