* This is the product to keep human health and life studied and developed by using microorganism in the nature.
* Terminology started in 1970s.
* It was introduced by Ilya Mechnikov (Nobel prize winner) and is understood limitedly as a lactobacillus and bipidus bacteria. Our company only produces Probiotechs.

Today Probiotechs is defined as living bacteria that humans have to affect better health. Probiotechs means ‘for life’ and indicates the basic characteristic of cultured bacteria. It was used first time in 1970s as the microorganism of nature which was good for health when used properly.
But in early 20th century a Russian Nobel Prize winner, Ilya Mechnikov reported that Bulgarians outlived people of other countries because they consumed fermented milk products that contained bacteria. It has been believed that bacteria are good for health. Most of Probiotechs products are made of lactobacillus and bipdus bacteria. These are beneficial bacteria that exist in the organs of humans and animals.
Probiotechs utilizes these beneficial microorganisms to keep and improve health and this fact has been recognized for a long time.
Now it is advertised that only the lactobacillus is useful for Probiotechs, but our Probiotechs means utilizing all kinds of microorganism in nature to keep our health.

SBB products, including world’s first skin care products, are produced by using all kinds of beneficial microorganism in nature including world’s first skin care products to keep and improve our health.