Microorganism and Mankind
Microorganism and Mankind

The most basic stage of all the creatures’ birth and life is microorganism.
It is not likely to be exaggerating that human beings are maintaining lives benefiting from microorganisms. Of course there are harmful microorganisms such as hospital bacteria which causes disease to animals and plant, microorganism which causes food poisoning, and other microorganism to deteriorate and decay materials. However, we have to recognize that its scope of application as an energy source is wide such as the field of medicine, environment, chemical, and biology, and the fact that it attracts much attention as an energy source because of the feature
of consistent culture by simple equipment. That is, we have to know that it is the most important fundamental resource for bio-industry, such as biotechnology.

The development of applied microorganism in the future

There exist millions of various different species of creatures in the Earth, and many of species are beneficial to keep Earth environment for mankind in the 21st century. And they can be recognized as intrinsic ‘Biological Resource’ with unknown possibility. Fermented products, enzymes, antibiotics, physiological activation materials, and medicines are produced based on the application of microorganism. The power of biology is being used for drainage system and environment-related technology.

According to the recent interpretation of molecule biological technology, more than 99.9% of existing microorganisms are unknown.

Therefore, the variety of microorganism is limitless, and it is a treasure of biologic resource. It contains new various beneficial and functional ones. Peptide, lipid, and sugar which have special functional protein from these unknown microorganisms or animals and plant will be further developed and applied in the future.

These various beneficial characteristics and functions come from genetic information written in a genom. Therefore, it is an important task for us to study the genom analysis, and gene discovery interpretation which were discovered lately, for effective discovery and application of these new biological functions.

And it will be unlimited application for microorganism science, mass production of hydrogen as a new source of energy of next generation, and the neuron computer which enables communication with a human along with the progress of genom analysis of microorganism.