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Sinya thuru   Profile
Part-time researcher Kathumi okura Ph.D in agriculture at Nagoya University Professor of Environmental Information
Part-time researcher Yoshiyuki Ichinohe D.Sc at North Hokkaido University
-Professor at Laboratory of Japan University
Part-time researcher Reduk, Lee Ph.D in agro-livestock processing at North Hokkaido University
-Vice-president of Peking Agricultural University in China

Profile of Director
1955 Graduated from Hokkaido University, majored in Biology
1957 Masters degree in agriculture at Hokkaido University
1961 Completed Agricultural Study Course at Hokkaido University
Ph.D in agriculture at Hokkaido University
1961 1964 Applied Microorganism Lab. At Tokyo University
(Researcher of Japan Science Promotion Association)
Russia Science Academy (Laboratory of Microorganism)
Czech Science Academy (Laboratory of Microorganism)
Germany Science Academy (Laboratory of Microorganism)
Pasteur Laboratory, Department of Soil Microorganism
Logeningel Microorganism Laboratory
Laussanester Agricultural Experimental Station
-studied Soil Microorganism and Earth Microorganism
1993 Professor of Agriculture at Japan University
-in charge of Science of Earth Environment and Biology at Graduate Course
-Guest Professor of Environmental Science Center at Yokohama National University
-Adviser of laboratory at Somang Inc.
-Director of Thuru Asia Microorganism Laboratory

  Personal History
1965 Instructor of Applied Microorganism Lab. In Tokyo Univ.
-Microorganism Classification Ecology
-Petroleum Microorganism
1969 Microorganism Technology Lab. At Ministry of Trade and Industry
-Chief of Microorganism Management Lab.
1983 Bureau of Agricultural Environment Technology Conference at Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
-R & D
1986 Bureau of Agriculture and Forestry Environment Technology Conference
-Chief of Planning and Liaison
-Deputy Secretary of Environmental Study
1988 Director of Tropical Agriculture Center of Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries

  Social Activities
Social Activities Member of International Soil Association
Member of American Microorganism Association
Adviser of Japan Soil Microorganism Study
Board Member of Japan Earth Science Association
Adviser of Japan Microorganism Ecology Association
Adviser of Electricity Central Laboratory
Senior Director of Environmental Information Science Center
Vice-president of International Cultivation Laboratory
Chairman of Japan Tropical Agriculture Association

1993 International Agriculture Promotion Award
(Department of Agriculture of China)
2003 Awarded from the Emperor of Japan

  Studies and Books
1970 Minerals and Microorganism (Fermentation and Microorganism 3)
1971 Soil and Ecology (Invitation to Biology 4)
1973 Biochemistry of Marine Microelement
1975 Microorganism of Earth
1976 Soil Microorganism (Lecture of Soil Making 4) 
1977 Soil is Alive (Natural Science Series 27)
1979 Study Method of Soil Microorganism Ecology (Lecture of Ecology Study 12)
1985 Conversation with Soil (Man in the Nature Series 21)
1989 International Comparison of Biotechnology (Forefront of Food Biotech)
1991 Resources of Earth (Handbook of Earth Environment Engineering)
1994 Planet with Soil (Think the Whole Earth)
1995 Diagrams of Environmental Science (Plan of Earth Environment)
Introduction of Chemistry for Environmental Resource of Life
Tiny Microorganism to protect the Earth
Survey report regarding Restoration Technology for Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries by using Biology
Revival of Agricultural Environment